Dress Code

All students at Valour JK-12 School are to dress appropriately for school.

  • Students will not wear short-shorts, muscle shirt, mesh shirt, or bare midriffs.
  • Students in grades 4-12- no spaghetti straps.  Straps on shirt must be a minimum of three fingers (students fingers) wide.
  • The hem of shorts and skirts are to be no shorter than mid thigh.  A rule of thumb is; students fingertips should touch the fabric of the shorts/skirt when their hands are naturally at their sides.
  • There will be no logos or crests that display alcohol, tobacco or illicit drug symbols.
  • Clothing or bags that promote racism, violence, sexism and/or are sexual in nature are not appropriate for school.
  • Pants must be pulled up high enough that underwear is not exposed.
  • For safety and health reasons students are not to wear coats in class.
  • For safety and health reasons students must wear shoes in school.
  • Indoor footwear is required for all elementary students.  Indoor footwear is not to go outside on the yard.  

Students in violation of the dress code will be referred to administration.

Gym Wear

  • Proper non marking shoes must be worn in the gym
  • Some elementary and all secondary Physical Education classes are required to change into proper gym attire.  Valour gym shirt and shorts may be purchased through the school.  

Cold Weather

Students are expected to go outside during the winter months unless the temperature is below -20C with the wind chill.  Please ensure your child dresses warmly.

  • Please ensure your child has a warm coat, hat, mitts or gloves and winter boots.
  • We recommend sending an extra pair of mittens and socks in case the first pair get wet.