If Your Child is Sick

If students become ill or injured (elementary or secondary) at school, they are to inform their classroom teacher or first adult they find (on the yard) and report with a friend to the main office.  The school office will make every attempt to contact parents/guardians and the emergency contact person.  For this reason, it is essential that the school has up to date and current contact information.  Any changes to current contact information should be given to the main office as soon as possible.  Parents or the designated pick up person will need to report to the main office to sign out the student.

If your child experiences a medical emergency, anaphlaxis, or a serious injury, the school will call 9-1-1 or arrangements will be made to have the pupil taken to the hospital.

If you child feels ill, please keep her/him at home where rest and medication can be provided and inform the school of her/his absence.

Children returning to school following an illness should be prepared to go outdoors for activity breaks and physical education classes.  Please ensure that you child is in good health before returning to school as this will benefit both your child and her/his classmates.

Medical Information

If your child has a serious medical condition that we should know about, please notify the school as soon as possible.


  • Please notify the main office of all medication required at school
  • No medication should be brought to school without administration's knowledge.
  • The RCDSB maintains that the provision of health services and the management of prescription drugs are the primary responsibility of parents and guardians.
  • Most prescription drugs may be administered effectively outside of school hours.  However, RCDSB authorizes staff to assist in the provision  of health services in school when medically necessary.  Please contact the office for the appropriate forms.

For additional information, refer to RCDSB's Administrative Procedure 315 - Sick or Injured Students (PDF).


Valour is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for everyone. This includes a safer environment for all those who suffer from anaphylaxis, the term used to describe acute, sever, life-threatening allergic reactions that require immediate medical treatment.  

These reactions can be caused by a variety of food, environmental (insect bites and stings) and scents.  As a community we must all work together to ensure the safety of our students, staff and volunteers.  

To this end we require that:

  1. All members of the school community use scent free products for laundry and grooming products.  The presence of scented products in our school will cause anaphylactic reactions requiring medical attention.
  2. All members of our school community refrain from brining in nut related products for snacks and lunch.  Some of our classes will have specific restrictions on food products and a letter will be sent home prior to the first day of school.  When buying snacks and lunch products please look for the nut free symbol.

For further information please refer to Administrative Procedure 316 - Anaphylaxis (PDF).