School Supplies

Secondary Supplies

All students will require binders, paper, pens and pencils to begin classes.  A specific list of course needs will be given to students on the first day of school. 

Elementary Supplies

Please visit the Renfrew County District School Board website for a list of recommended school supplies by elementary division to assist with purchasing school materials.

The School Board's supply list is a general suggestion and your child's teacher might have a different request.  Please note that the list does not give suggestions for kindergarten classes. However, below are lists from K teachers that can provide you with suggestions.

Below are some extra items for specific classes. 

2018/2019 School Year 

Mrs Holmes’ and mrs Martinells’ Grade 3 Supply List 

- Glue sticks (4)

- Pencil crayons
- Scissors
- HB Pencils (a few packages)
- Lined paper
- Pencil sharpener (with lid for shavings)
- Post-it notes
- Markers
- Dry erase markers
- White Erasers
- 30cm ruler (with millimeter markings)
- Highlighters
- Calculator
- Indoor shoes
- Water bottle
- Pencil case (for every day supplies)
- Large freezer bag (for extra supplies)
- Zippered bag (for agenda/take home items)
- Headphones