Volunteer Opportunities

The success of many of our extracurricular activities and school council depends on our volunteers. Thank you to everyone who volunteers their time and talents to our school. If you are interested in volunteering at Valour School, please contact the School Principal.

If you are interested in participating in school activities with your child's class please contact your child's teacher. 

Criminal Background Check

Anyone who is interested in volunteering in the school will require to have a criminal background check as well complete an annual offence declaration.

Our criminal background checks once received to the main office are good for proximity 3 years. We are able to accept volunteer criminal background checks completed in the last 6 months. Please note we must see the original criminal background check 

If you require a criminal background check letter please come to the main office, please bring a form of ID (ie drivers license). Please inform when inquiry for the letter if it will be for the OPP or MPP

For any further information please contact  the main office