French Immersion

Elementary French Immersion

The French Immersion program begins in Junior Kindergarten.  Students complete 90% of their day in French.  All subjects, except English are taught in French.  One thirty minute teaching block of English language learning is provided to support the acquisition of reading and writing skills.  Both programs focus on literacy and numeracy using similar teaching methodologies to ensure our students are learning all of the necessary skills for reading, writing and mathematics.  All teachers in the program work together to ensure that your child grasps all of the content expectations for their grade while learning the French language.  

The program is designed for students who are learning the language for the first time and for those that speak and hear the language at home.  Students in the program complete EQAO assessments in grades three and six in English

The program continues in this format until the end of grade eight.

Secondary French Immersion

Valour offers a program beginning in grade nine that extends and supports the learning from the Elementary program.

Beginning in grade nine, Students complete up to 50% of their day in French.  Students complete a French language course at each grade level and one to two more courses in French each year. 

Grades are combined to ensure that we have sufficient numbers to run each class.  For example, the grade nine and ten FIF classes are combined into one class as are the grade 11 and 12 classes.  These groupings of students complete all of their French Immersion classes together.  

Please see full course calendar here