Valour JK-12 School students and staff participate in many fundraisers throughout the school year to supplement student costs for school trips, and to support charities. Some of our recent fundraisers include:

Snow Suit Drive

In connection with CPAN, we will hold a snow suit drive each November.  Families are asked to drop off their gently used snow suits, hats, mitts, boots to the foyer.  More information will follow in the monthly news letter.


Valour JK-12 will be completing several WE ACT activities throughout the year.  As a community it is essential to ensure tha our students have a sense of global issues and understand how fortunate we are to live in Canada.  Several fundraisers will be completed as the year progresses.  Our Free the Children Club will review the available activities and plan how our school will participate.

Parent Council

Our Parent Council will organize several fundraisers to support extra curricular or program enhancements in our school.  Information will be available in newsletters in the fall.